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Our services

Commercial and Domestic Skips
  • Sizes 4.0m3, 7.5m3, 9.0m3 (refer to Gallery for images)

  • Suitable for general rubbish, greenwaste and small amounts of hard fill, e.g. bricks

Commercial Bins
  • Sizes 4.0m3 and 8.5m3 (refer to Gallery for images)

  • Equipped with wheels or skids, for ease of moving around on site.

  • All commercial bins are fitted with front over lids.

Waste Types

We predominately work within three waste categories. If your waste type does not fit into one of the three categories below, please call us to discuss.

1. Clean hard fill only

For example, bricks, concrete, soil, sand, tiles, shingle. Clean hard fill only. This will be emptied at the hard fill landfill.


No asbestos or other hazardous waste, e.g. oils, poisons, paint, tyres, etc. 

2. General waste

To include house hold rubbish and commercial waste. This can be a mixed load of rubbish, garden waste and hard fill. This will be emptied at the transfer station. Please note, if a load is expected to consist of more than 10% of hard fill, a separate hard fill skip is required due to weight and cost.

No asbestos or other hazardous waste, oils, poisons, paint, tyres, etc.

3. Green waste only

For example, Garden and tree cuttings. This will be emptied at the Greenwaste landfill.


No Cabbage trees, flax leaves, large tree stumps, toi tois, soil, sand, wet compost or rubbish.

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